R package for gap closing estimands

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Estimate Gaps Under an Intervention


We often want to understand the gap in outcomes between people of different social categories (e.g. racial, gender, or class categories). Further, one would like to know the degree to which the gap would close if we intervened to expose individuals all to some manipulable treatment (e.g. send people to college). This is the focus of the manuscript which is a companion to this package.

Lundberg, Ian. Forthcoming. “The gap-closing estimand: A causal approach to study interventions that close disparities across social categories.” Sociological Methods and Research. Draft available at

This R Package provides functions to estimate gap-closing estimands.

The package will enable the user to:

Installation instructions

Install from CRAN with one line: install.packages("gapclosing").

To install the latest development version or install before CRAN availability,

  1. First, install the devtools package: if(!require(devtools)) install.packages("devtools")
  2. Then, install the gapclosing package with the command devtools::install_github("ilundberg/gapclosing").

Getting started

To get started, see the vignette. Also see the working paper for which this package is the software implementation.